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Pictures courtesy of Mitch Harb, Janet Carpenter, DK Davis, Molly Askins Ford, Shepherd Field, Andy Swindle, John Tomlinson, The Embers, Keith & Paige Houston, The Band Of Oz, Earl Dawkins, The Entertainers, Randy Hignite, The Catalinas, The Fabulous Kays, The Staircase Band, The Craig Woolard Band, Jim Quick & Coastline, U.B.U The Band, The Hip Pocket Band, Barney Norfleet & The Breeze Band, The North Tower Band, SummerDaze,
The Invaders, Sissy Quinn & Southern Charm,
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Band Group Pictures * Band Group Pictures 2 * Band Group Pictures 3 * Night Of The Turkey Pictures
The Fantastic Shakers * The Entertainers * The SummerDaze Band * UBU The Band
The Band Of Oz * The Embers * North Tower * Jim Quick & Coastline * The Craig Woolard Band * The Catalinas
The Legends Of Beach * The Hip Pocket Band * The Part Time Party Time Band * The Staircase Band
The Invaders,   *  Sissy Quinn & Southern Charm
              Big John Thompson visits Mitch Harb          A younger Big John Thompson visits Mitch Harb 
     Ervin (Dr Shag) Ellington, Mitch Harb & Band Of Oz's David Hicks          Terri Gore & Mitch Harb Holiday Inn North Myrtle Beach 1995
                Mitch Harb & Alabamas Jeff Cook      Mitch Harb & Craig Woolard, Craig Woolard Band
             Mitch Harb & Jim Quick, Coastline Band                         Robbie, Jessica, Mitch & Don
                        Mitch Harb & The Showman               Mitch Harb, Bruce Hayes & Bo Schronce
         Mitch Harb, Terri Gore & old Kruze Band                 Molly Askins & Dino Fair, Sea Cruz Band
                       Mitch Harb & Tim Cashion              Mitch Harb with Bonnie & Johnny Barker
           The Tiki's Randy Simmerson & Mitch Harb            Mitch Harb & Don Tetreault, Drummer 4 the Fantastic Shakers
         Mitch & Sissy Quinn, Southern Charm Band                Molly Askins                     Rhonda McDaniel
          Mitch Harb & Gerald Davis, Legends Of Beach                           J D Cash, Gary Brown & Mitch Harb
                 Ken Knox, Tazz Cole & Mitch Harb                  John Barkley, Mitch & Butch Halpin
                     Johnny, Mitch, Chad & Randy   Lee Richardson (the Kays Band) visits Mitch Harb Tire
           Ken Knox, General Johnson & Mitch Harb             Little Anthony, Billy Scott & Clifford Curry
                         Jackie Gore & Mitch Harb                            Jackie Gore & Bo Schronce
                   Jim Quick & Curtiss Carpenter         David Hicks, ?, Danny Woods & the Late Dink Perry & Billy Scott
               Earl Dawkins visits Mitch Harb Tire                            Clifford Curry & Mitch Harb
            Keith Houston, Mitch Harb & David Hicks        Mitch Harb and old friends, The Fantastic Shakers
         Chad Sain, Earl Dawkins & Mitch Harb 1994  
                     Mitch Harb & Johnny Barkley                     John (FESSA) Hook & Eric Bowman
                          Chad Sain & Mitch Harb                                    Swing, Donny & Susan Trexler
                       Butch Barnes & Butch Halpin                               Jerry West, SugarCreek days
     Band Of Oz Floor Show (Betty Rock) early to mid 80's Chuck French & Butch Barnes                    Mitch Harb about 1986 & about 1989
                  Chris Jennings SideWinder days Chris Jennings SideWinder days     Robin Brown SideWinder days